App Monza Emozione Vera

The App Emozione Vera guides you around Monza, allowing you to discover the town and live an emotional and interactive experience.

- Discover the monuments, the arts, the history and the parks of the town.
- Obtain information in real time on exhibitions, shows and events.
- Find hotels, restaurants and the bike friendly hotspots on the map.
- Visit the section dedicated to Accessibile tourism with storytelling and the places accessibile to the disabled.

And to make your visit much more engaging and amusing, contents in Augmented Reality have been added: pictures, videos, 3d models ... Monza like you have never seen it!

Multilingual App  Italiano - English - Español

Download the App:

App iOS

App Android

App Windows Phone

You can quickly download the app also from the smart road poles and totems.