Not only books: the libraries in Brianza

Monza and Brianza provide a wide variety of libraries, which guarantee many different services to citizens.

Numerous events are organised throughout the year: from cultural and musical shows, to creative and artistic activities for children and teens.

Here is a list of libraries, where books aren't the only protagonists:

Biblioteca Civica - Monza
The main library of Monza.
Via Padre Reginaldo Giuliani, 1/a - Phone. 039 382272

Archivio storico 
A treasure trove of information on the history of Monza. All the archives are available on paper and on cds. 
Via Annoni, 14 - ​Phone. 039 2359020

Sale studio dei centri civici
Thanks to the "SP-AZIONI" project, the students have a new sale studio at Centri Civici. Here you can study by yourself or with friends and also get private lessons (only for high school students). Cultural events and meetings with the authors are also organized.

Libraries full of events

Biblioteca per ragazzi "Al segno della luna" - Monza 

Biblioteca San Gerardo - Monza

Biblioteca San Rocco - Monza

Biblioteca Cederna - Monza

Biblioteca del Carrobiolo - Monza

Civica Biblioteca del Mobile e dell'Arredamento - Lissone


If you want to check the other libraries in Brianza click: BrianzaBiblioteche