Façade and Porch of the Duomo of Monza

Duomo di Monza

The façade is made up of five bays, separated by four pilasters and enclosed by two buttresses. The façade is decorated with small steepled aedicules with the statues of six saints. Double-, triple-lancet and lacunar-framed circular windows add to the façade’s beauty while, above these, can be seen a false hanging loggia.

In the central section, there is Matteo da Campione’s rose window – restored by Luca Beltrami – enclosed in a complex circular frame and set in a square of small decorative panels with faces, flowers and stars; above this, the motifs around the rose window are repeated. The bearded head (14th century) over the double-lancet window in the northern-most section of the façade is said to be that of Matteo da Campione.

The prothyrum (porch) is in Renaissance style: the two medallions of the archway contain early-16th-century busts of Theodelinda and her bridegroom, Agilulf; above is the bronze copy of the statue of John the Baptist, the 14th-century embossed copper original of which is kept in the cathedral museum. Behind John the Baptist can be seen items of the cathedral Treasury: the Hen with seven chicks, the Cross of the Kingdom and the small Sapphire Cup.