Piazza Duomo

The geographic centre of the town, the cathedral square is not actually square in shape, with one side taken up entirely by the facade of the cathedral (the Duomo). The present structure dates back to the 15th century and is the result of the demolition of the medieval houses that occupied an area that extended right up to just a few metres from the cathedral parvis. Near the middle of the square is the ‘Crocetta’, a cross erected in 1578 to indicate the position of an altar for evening prayers during the plague of San Carlo (1576-77). Opposite the cathedral stands the 14th-century Palazzo degli Arcipreti (Palace of the Archpriests). Entry to the Rectory (‘Canonica’) is through the neo-Gothic arch to the right of the façade. The square is now part of the centre’s pedestrianised area and is used as a venue for a variety of events.