The Grugnotorto Villoresi Park

This park is a link between the Parco Nord Milano, the Parco Groane and the Parco della Valle del Lambro. Though situated in a heavily urbanized area which fragments its continuity, it still preserves locations of natural interest. In the park area there is a juxtaposition of farmlands, farmsteads and virgin greens. Reforestation has been carried out by environmental associations and there is also a  professional associations and environmental groups there is also a historic forest (Il Bosco Bello) within the perimeter.

The pond inside the park was obtained after the restoration of a sand and gravel quarry. It is divided into two sectors:one for fishing (carp, sturgeon, Russian grayling, catfish etc..), while the other houses common moorhen, ducks, geese and wild swans. Herons have also been spotted hanging around. A fenced park has been built near the lake with a bicycle lane and other recreational facilities.

General Park Information: foot ways, cycle-ways, fishing areas , birdwatching , wildlife watching, tour with naturalistic guides 

Itinerary starts:

Taccona Park

  • Muggiò - via Sondrio, via Milano, via Lodi or  via Parco
  • Nova Milanese - via Galvani e via Vesuvio
  • Varedo - viale Bagatti Valsecchi - Villa Bagatti Valsecchi
  • Lago Nord
  • Paderno Dugnano Carrefour Parking
  • Villoresi Cycle-way
  • Monza - Railway Station

By train:

  • Ferrovie Nord Milano: Milano-Asso line
    Railway Station: Paderno Dugnano
  • Ferrovie Nord Milano: Milano-Meda line
    Railway Stations:  Paderno Dugnano, Palazzolo or Varedo
  • Ferrovie dello stato: Milano-Lecco line
    Railway Station: Monza