From 26 Oct 2019 to 16 Feb 2020

Musei Civici - Casa degli Umiliati

Extended until 16 February 2020


Leonardo’s motifs in the  prints of Musei Civici 

On the occasion of the the 500th Anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, Musei Civici di Monza pay tribute to the tuscan genius with an exhibition that offers an original selection of prints with Leonardo’s theme coming from his collection of incisions.

All the artworks of the exibition show not only the success of Leonardo in the 19th century but also the decisive role of the Press in artistic dissemination and, above all, the executive expertise of the engravers able to translate the delicate nuances of Leonardo’s paintings and his disciples into the typical language of the press, that of the line, to which the title of the exhibition refers.

The exhibition hosts a series of insights on the subject of engraving art, with videos, storytelling and multimedia content also available in the webapp of Musei Civici..

In addition to many art printings from Leonardo’s artwork and his followers, the exibition will show some engravings dedicated to celebrate the myth through the reproposing of the episodes of his life, an emblematic character of Italian spirit on wich national identity was being built.

Through the use of multimediality, the exhibition will propose insights on the subject of engraving, techniques and sujects involved in the realization of a printing of art.

Many initiatives, conceived not only for the students, will be attending the Exhibition


Discover here all the proposals related to the exhibition dedicated to schools.