Mosè Bianchi. Ritorno a Monza

From 6 May 2017 to 3 Sep 2017

Musei Civici di Monza - Casa degli Umiliati

From the 6th of May to the 3rd of September the Civic museums pay tribute to the great 19th century painter from Monza Mosè Bianchi, one of the leading painters of Lombardy of the time.

After the exhibitions held in 1924, 1954 and 1987, this exhibition, Mosè Bianchi. Ritorno a Monza, has the specific intention to renovate the legacy between the painter and his hometown, bringing back in town a nucleus of works, belonging to the art gallery GAM of Milan, but once on show in Monza, in the Royal Palace.

Mosè Bianchi is certainly the most famous painter from Monza, around him in the second half of the 19th century, started a small school of painters, linked to his family: his brother Gerard, the nephews Pompeo Mariani, Emilio Borsa and Rino Bianchi.

He strated painting thanks to his father Giosuè, afterwhich he enrolled at the Academy of Brera where he is close to the Scapigliatura environment of the milanese art scene.

The award of a scholarship in 1867 enabled him to visit Venice and then Paris in 1869. He took part with some success at the Brera exhibitions and the Vienna Exhibition of 1873. In this period he began to paint genre scenes and numerous portraits, soon becoming one of the most requested artists by the Milanese middle classes. He returned to Venice and visited Chioggia , which featured in many of his paintings. Other favourite settings were the views of Milan and landscapes of the countryside around Gignese.