Repeats on: 8 Oct 2016 to 8 Jan 2017, 8 Jan 2017 to 29 Jan 2017

Arengario di Monza

Given the great success of the exhibition dedicated to Vivian Maier, the Town Council has decided to extend the exhibition until the 29th January 2017. Thanks to the availability of ViDi, who organized and curated the exhibition in collaboration with the Municipality, one can continue to enjoy the suggestive shots of this unique artist.

The faces, glimpses of daily life, landscapes. One hundred immortalized shots are present in the new exhibition at the Arengario of Monza from October 8th to January 29th 2017 dedicated to Vivian Maier, the nanny who throughout her life took thousands of photos without actually participating in the artistic and photographic scene. She disappeared in 2009, after being born in 1926, and her negatives were only discovered in the last years of her life.

The exhibition wants to pay tribute to this extraordinary artist who during her lifetime made an impressive number of photographs without ever showing them to anyone, keeping them jealously for herself.

The exhibition therefore offers the possibility to discover an extraordinary photographer who with deep and never dull images shows an original view on the American life of the second half of the Twentieth Century.

"Her fame is due to a fortuitous discovery by John Maloof of thousands of negatives and rollers still to be printed. The nanny from Chicago proves to be a talented photographer especially for the many shots of the city and portraits. The exhibition presents some of the most famous portraits and self-portraits."


Full price: 9,00 €
Concessions: 7.00 €
Audio guide included
Schools: 5.00 €