From 19 Mar 2016 to 3 Jul 2016


"Robert Doisneau. The merveilleux du quotidien" arrives at the Arengario of Monza with a photo exhibition dedicated to him. The display is designed not only to show some of the most significant works of the artist, but also to allow visitors to understand the life of Doisneau. On show, 80 shots representing the first 44 years of the photographer's career, many of which printed directly by him and exposed for the first time in Italy.
The real magic of Doisneau’s photographs comes from his ongoing research to capture real moments and situations of everyday life, of time passing by, in all its simplicity and genuineness, as the artist himself explains: 

What I was trying to show was a world where I would feel good, where people would be friendly, where I would find the tenderness I longed for.My photos were like a proof that this world could exist.  

(R. Doisneau).

The exhibition focuses the attention directly on the beautiful and authentic everyday life of the Ville Lumière immortalized by the master with his inseparable Rolleiflex Standard Alt Camera, with the charming shops of the past, where children played in the street, and the candid moments of celebration and conviviality.
Moreover numerous events and free meetings are in program, related to the figure of Doisneau, organized by Piero Pozzi, photographer and professor of photography at the Polytechnic of Milan.
"Robert Doisneau. The merveilleux du quotidien" curated by Atelier Robert Doisneau, is realized by the Fratelli Alinari. Foundation for the History of Photography and ViDi in collaboration with the Municipality of Monza.